Solo Acoustic Musician

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Format: Softcover

ISBN: 9781953910684

In Solo Acoustic Musician (SAM), Michael Nichols shares his personal experiences and technical know-how gathered from over 30 years as a live performer. In a straightforward conversational voice, he lays out a dynamic vision for how to make a living and have fun being a SAM.

The value of Nichols' story is found in the small things and minor details. He reveals how to navigate challenges, play to various kinds of audiences, book gigs, and more. His account of being a SAM closes the gap between starting out and working full time, the timeframe it takes to become a force of success and sustainability.

More than an instructional manual, Solo Acoustic Musician reveals the kind of heart, soul and passion required to be your own boss, show off your talents, and make money doing what you love. ©2021, 206 pages

Michael Nichols has been a singer-songwriter and working musician for thirty years. He currently lives in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Growing up singing in a church choir and in the school chorus was the beginning of his life in music. He tried several other instruments before putting his hands on a guitar, but didn't really get into the drums, piano, violin, or saxophone. He started gigging for money when he was fourteen years old and has played music in just about every situation possible. He is still playing almost three hundred gigs a year and staying busy in his community. As a Paul Harris Fellow involved with Rotary International, he has donated money and time into charitable activities over the years.