Smile: The Story of Brian Wilson's Lost Masterpiece

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Many articles and books have been written about the Beach Boys' famous lost album "Smile, " but this is the most comprehensive book on the subject, covering the full history of the album as well as its eventual release in 2004 and subsequent tour. As the follow-up to their classic album "Pet Sounds, " "Smile" was to include some of the best songs Brian Wilson has ever written - "Good Vibrations" and "Surf's Up, " to name two. But internal disagreements in the band, record company shenanigans, and well-publicized emotional problems meant that the album never received a proper release. Forty years later, Wilson paired up again with lyricist Van Dyke Parks to re-record the album with his current young band, including members of the Wondermints and Poi Dog Pondering. ©2007, 200 pages.