Singing Jazz: The Singers and Their Styles

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This book is about the very special kind of singer who, in the early 1900s, changed the common perception not only of popular singing, but of popular music itself. And today's jazz singers, readers will learn, continue in that innovative vein -- whether they sing modern jazz, traditional, experimental, jazz fringe or jazz-influenced music. Drawing on personal accounts from jazz vocalists in all major styles, Crowther and Pinfold examine the joys and frustrations of this tough profession.To reveal the roots and evolution of jazz singing, the book revisits the lives and stylistic innovations of great singers in jazz history, including Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Betty Carter, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Mel Torme, Shirley Horn, Ethel Waters, and many more.Illustrating the contemporary view, the book is laced with comments from some of today's best performers, such as Kitty Margolis, Helen Merrill, Mark Porter and Christine Tyrrell. Interviewed especially for "Singing Jazz", these and many other jazz vocalists discuss the influences and experiences that have shaped their singing careers, and provide insights on how their art is evolving today. ©1998, 288 pages.