Singer's First Aid Kit - Male

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"The Singer's First Aid Kit" is geared toward singers of all styles of pop music and musical theater, whether your goals are to be a major recording artist or just to have fun at your local karaoke bar. Being a singer, or an artist of any kind, comes with built-in challenges: rejection, the ultimate dirty word, can paralyze you; sickness, poor diet, vocal strain, emotional turmoil can all adversely affect your physical instrument; the struggle with band members, recording equipment, and your own mental obstacles can drain your confidence.The Singer's First Aid Kit is meant to help you past some of the stumbling blocks. Is is in two parts: The Singer's Troubleshooting Guide and The Singer's Warm-Up Tape.The Singer's Troubleshooting Guide is the section of the book which poses some of the kinds of problems you are likely to encounter and some solutions to them. It deals primarily with the physical and emotional challenges of being a singer.The Singer's Warm-Up Tape contains exercises designed to warm up your voice and prepare you for serious singing. It is approximately twenty-five minutes on each side. The Singer's Warm-Up Tape section of teh book answers some questions about using the tape, includes a chapter on breath control and a transcription of the exercises on the tape. ©1998, 40 pages. Book & Cassette. Male Version.