Sing Your Story

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Jay Clayton is an internationally acclaimed vocalist, composer, and educator, whose work boldly spans the terrain between jazz and new music.

In 1963 she began her career performing the standards on the vibrant New York music scene. However, she quickly became a prominent part of the free jazz movement.

Her work in these two worlds led to the development of a highly personal, wordless vocabulary later enhanced by her innovative use of electronics.

Now get a lesson on the Art of Jazz Singing from Jay!

This practical guide for learning/teaching the art of jazz singing covers an array of topics -- how to choose and learn songs, dealing with stage fright, scatting over changes, improvising, promoting and preparing for gigs, and much more.

Topics: Sound Examples for "Sing Your Story" * Preface * Intro: Can Jazz Singing be Taught? * Singing the Jazz Standards * Performance * Improvisation * Practice Time * The Business of Music * How do we do it all? * Selected Discography

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