Sing at First Sight, Level 2

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Foundations in Choral Sight-Singing. Sing at First Sight is a sequential sight-singing curriculum for all choirs! This Level 2 book opens with a comprehensive Rhythm Review and Pitch Practice reinforcing the concepts studied in Sing at First Sight, Level 1. Each of the four units that follow features a helpful Getting Ready page, progressive Rhythm Readiness exercises, and thorough music-reading Lessons with practice Exercises, useful Hints, and motivating Challenge Exercises. Unit summary and assessment is easily achieved with choral excerpts from Alfred" s Choral Designs series, fun-filled Review games, and Evaluating Your Performance questions. Plus, Full-length Performance Piece to measure and celebrate your choir" s sight-singing progress, and then perform in concert. Includes:
  • Singing in Minor
  • Chromatics
  • 2-Part, 3-Part, and 4-Part Harmony
  • Major and Minor Intervals
  • Changing Meter
  • Sixteenth-Note Patterns. ©2008.
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