Sing and Play About the USA!

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What a wonderful collection for teaching kids important lessons of American geography! Written by the popular educational team of Michael and Jill Gallina, Sing and Play About the USA! includes eight original fun songs:
  • It's a Capital Idea! (teaches all fifty of the state capitals)
  • Landmarks
  • What a State We're In! (game song - guess the state from the clues)
  • Rivers and Mountains and Lakes, Oh My!
  • American Beauty
  • Thirteen States, Thirteen Colonies
  • All American
  • Where Do You Come From? Each song is published in the book in melody line format (with permission to reproduce.) The CD includes performance and backing tracks for each song. In addition - the book is loaded with fun activities, games and puzzles, all reproducible as well! For example:
  • Connect the Dots (The Alamo, the Golden Gate Bridge, Crossword Puzzles)
  • Word Searches
  • Mazes
  • Coloring pages (including some of the state flags) This book is a wonderful example of how music can be used to teach other subjects in school! (The $29.95 retail price includes written licenses allowing the purchaser to make as many photocopies as necessary.) ©2007, 48 pages, Book + CD with reproducible pages.
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