Shredding Paganini - Heavy Metal Guitar Meets Paganini

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In Shredding Paganini, master shredder German Schauss covers yet another all-time great musician!. Check out Shredding Bach (AP2443). Niccolo Paganini was undoubtedly one of the greatest virtuosos that ever lived. His skills were so advanced that many believed he had made a pact with the devil. Paganini's practice schedule (15 hours a day), combined with a genetic connective tissue disorder that gave him "impossible" reach and flexibility with his fingers, resulted in extremely demanding and exciting compositions for shredders of any era. Paganini's works, which showcase his extraordinary skills, are perfect for the heavy metal style and will stretch your playing to the limits. The accompanying CD features all of the examples recorded at multiple speeds to help you practice and get you on your way to mastering Paganini's challenging compositions. ""©2011, Book & CD