Show Networks and Control Systems

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Show Networks and Control Systems by John Huntington was formerly called Control Systems for Live Entertainment and was one of our Bestsellers - covering all aspects of Backstage technology. This completely revised, reorganized, and updated edition includes more than 30 new pages and dozens of brand-new graphics, with dramatically expanded coverage of show networking technology and fresh real-world examples. Drawing upon his extensive experience in the field and classroom, John clearly explains everything that goes on behind the scenes and inside the machines to bring bold visions to life in real-world settings. The book offers an in-depth examination of the control and networking technology used in lighting, lasers, sound, stage machinery, animatronics, special effects, and pyrotechnics for concerts, theme parks, theatre, themed-retail, cruise ships, museums, interactive performing arts, and special events. ""©2012 If you work or have customers in the Live Events field - then you have to read this book!