Shape Beats for Kids - A Simple and Fun Approach to Learning Drums

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Product Number: 43065

Format: Softcover & CD

ISBN: 978-1-4706-3674-6

Shape Beats is a simple and fun way to learn how to play drums. Because many beginning students are still in the early stages of development and may not be able to comprehend standard drum notation, the book utilizes shapes---an instantly recognizable notational vehicle---to teach students basic drum beats. Each chapter contains play-along examples so the student can use their new beats to play along with the songs. 36 pages


Foreword by Gary Chaffee
For the Student
For the Teacher
Play-Along Examples
The Drumset
Meet the Shapes
Matching Game
Playing the Shapes
Reading the Music
Chapter 1
Coordination Exercises
Let's Play!
Shape Beats with Hi-Hat
Chapter 2
Shape Beats with Two Drums at Once
Coordination Exercises
Let's Play!
Extended Coordination Exercise
Chapter 3
Red Light/Green Light
Coordination Exercises
Let's Play!
Extended Coordination Exercise
Chapter 4
Me and You We Can Go to the Zoo
Coordination Exercises
Let's Play!
Advanced Examples
Extended Coordination Exercise
Chapter 5
Your First Drum Fill!
Let's Play!
Your First Drum Solo!
Chapter 6
Introducing Drumset Notation
Coordination Exercises
Let's Play!
Practice Tips
About the Author
Certificate of Completion