Shane Wilson's Guide to Mixing DVD

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No script, no textbooks just you, and the secrets of a top engineer. Shane Wilson has ascended among the ranks of the most sought-after engineers in Nashville. Watch as he turns raw tracks into a stunning mix in a little over three hours. It" s not about the preset it" s about the concept. Shane Wilson" s Guide to Mixing is shot documentary-style. You hear it as Shane hears it. You" ll know his thought process as he makes his decisions. You" ll see his presets, but more importantly, You" ll understand how and why he alters them. This DVD is designed as a virtual internship. Shane explains everything he does as you watch the screen. Best of all, the session happens in real-time. You experience something you could never learn from a classroom: context.
  • Features: A real-time, three hour mix session with Shane Wilson.
  • Close-ups of the final plug-in settings: Watch Shane as he begins with a preset, and alters it to arrive at a final setting for the song.
  • Studio setup: Shane outlines his complete studio rig, including his parallel processing setup.
  • Q & A: Straight from the beta-testers! Twenty minutes of question & answer with Shane about his techniques and philosophy of mixing.
  • Mix format comparison: several versions of the same mix, printed to 1/2" tape, ITB, Neve summing mixer, and more.
  • Engineer" s Cut: Listen to a roundtable discussion with several distinguished professionals, (Russ Long, Lynn Fuston, Jashon Lehning & Jeff Roach). This audio commentary runs concurrent with the program, and may be toggled on/off using your DVD remote.
  • A second DVD, containing all the audio files: Import the tracks into your digital audio workstation and try your own mix! About Shane Wilson: Shane Wilson" s extensive discography includes credits with artists such as: Switchfoot, Third Day, Mercy Me, Owsley, and Big Kenny. Although he still loves tracking, he mostly enjoys continued demand as a mix engineer. You can reach him through his myspace page. DVD 3 Hours.