Servicing TV, Satellite and Video Equipment

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A genuinely practical hands-on guide for service engineers -- including a new section on the latest digital equipment.Previous editions of this unique `hands-on' fault-finding book became the guide and mentor for thousands of service technicians and engineers in many countries and was widely adopted as a college text.Based on many years of practical bench and field experience, the book wastes little space on theoretical principles and circuit description where it is well covered elsewhere: here the emphasis is on the practical business of fault diagnosis and repair.Twenty chapters focus on specific aspects of the equipment, dwelling longest on the most troublesome: TV power supplies, line timebases and video deck machines. Other chapters examine test-gear, intermittent faults diagnosis in digital TV and video equipment, satellite-receiver repair techniques, interfacing/hookups and workshop practice.A symptom index is included for easy reference. Written for PAL, the differences for those working with NISC and other standards are also covered.Eugene Trundle is the UK's leading author on Servicing and Video Technology, and a full time TV and video service engineer. His articles appear regularly in Television and several other magazines. He is the author of the best-selling Newnes TV and Video Engineer's Pocket Book and Newnes Guide to TV and Video Technology.Contents:Preface; Test and diagnostic equipment; Power supplies; Line timebase; Field timebase; Luminance and decoder; Tuners and vision receivers; Audio receiver section; TV control systems; Picture tubes; Teletext decoders; Video deck mechanics; System control in VCRs; Servos and motors; VCR luminance section; VCR chroma stages; VCR audio servicing; Camera section, clock; Display and timer circuits; Dealing with intermittent faults; Repair techniques; Safety; BEAB and BS415; Dealing with MOS semiconductors; Digital TV; Symptom index. ©2001, 336 pages.