Sequencing and Music Production, Book 1

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SERIES: Alfred's Music Tech Series Alfred" s Music Tech Series: Sequencing and Music Production is designed for late elementary to high school students, and can be used in groups or individually. No previous experience with composition or sequencing/audio recording software is required. With Sequencing and Music Production, students will:
  • have a broader understanding of composing and recording music become familiar with basic tools and techniques for recording MIDI and audio
  • manipulate and arrange multi-track audio
  • mix their own songs Sequencing and Music Production is organized into four units, each including progressive and supplemental activities for practice and reinforcement. Topics include:
  • Unit 2: Rhythm, Melody and MIDI Recording
  • Unit 3: Pentatonic, Japanese Folk Song
  • Unit 4: Build a Song. ©2007, Book & CD.
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