Sequencer Secrets

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The manual may tell you how your sequencer works, but "Sequencer Secrets" goes beyond any manual. In this concise, creative and intensely practical book, Ian Waugh explains how you can get the best from any software sequencer. It contains a collection of hints and tips acquired over many years of experience with a wide range of software sequencers. It explains how to master functions you may have previously ignored, how to use short cuts to speed up your work and how to turn your sequencer from a recording tool into a a creative music machine. This book will show you how to: optimize your MIDI system; create MIDI echoes; create instant harmonies; humanize your drum patterns; use controller messages more effectively; create more realistic instrument parts; program gate effects; use sequences live. This is an indispensable book for sequencer users at all levels. ©1995, 108 pages.