Selections From The Beggar's Opera

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Realized from the original airs of John Gay's Ballad Opera (1728) 16 Songs for Various Voice Types. This new selection of 13 solos for various voice types and three duets makes Britten's distinctive realizations, never before published apart from the vocal score, available at an affordable price. Includes preface articles and plot notes. These are lively and vivid versions of these colorful tunes. Contents: 'Tis woman that seduces all mankind (tenor), If love the virgin's heart invade (mezzo-soprano), Virgins are like the fair flower (mezzo-soprano), I, like a ship in storms, was tossed (mezzo-soprano), A fox may steal your hens, Sir (duet for mezzo-soprano and bass), The miser thus a shilling sees (duet for mezzo-soprano and tenor), If the heart of a man is depressed with cares (tenor), Man may escape from rope and gun (tenor), Thus when a good housewife sees a rat/How cruel are the traytors (soprano), Why how now, Madam Flirt! (duet for soprano and mezzo-soprano), When young at the bar/Ungrateful Macheath! (soprano), Thus gamesters united in friendship (baritone), I'm like a skiff on the ocean tossed (soprano)o O cruel, cruel case! (tenor). ©2008, 48 pages.