Scoring the Screen - The Secret Language of Film Music

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Format: Softcover

If you have ANY interest in what music 'means' in film, get this book. Andy Hill is among the handful of penetrating minds and ears engaged in film music today. If you don't know Andy, read this book. I know that after you have closed it, you will seek him out.” – Conrad Pope, Composer/Orchestrator

This is the first book since Roy M. Prendergast's 1977 benchmark, Film Music: A Neglected Art, to treat music for motion pictures as a compositional style worthy of serious study. Through extensive and unprecedented analyses of the original concert scores, it is the first to offer both aspiring composers and music educators with a view from the inside of the actual process of scoring-to-picture.

The core thesis of Scoring the Screen is that music for motion pictures is indeed a language, developed by the masters of the craft out of a dramatic and commercial necessity to communicate ideas and emotions instantaneously to an audience. Like all languages, it exists primarily to convey meaning.

“I calls 'em like I sees 'em, and this book is a home run.” – David Newman, Composer/Conductor

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