School of Dulcimer: A Musical Notation Journey

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The dulcimer is a unique instrument in many ways, with the modal layout of the fretboard prime among them. Early in its days in the Appalachian Mountains players would retune a string, bringing the dulcimer from major to minor and other modes. Today's players work in different tunings also, and this book shows why and how all of this happens. Music is a language that comes from the soul rather than solely from the dots and line. However, the dots and lines have their own stories. Learn where the notes fall on the fretboard and how they fit into the modes most dulcimer players know: Ionian/Major, Aeolian/Minor, Mixolydian and Dorian. Scale variations, pentatonic and hexatonic, are also outlined. Fifteen songs and tunes are written in musical notation as well as dulcimer tablature. A CD, with the tunings and count-offs, enable one to play all of the songs in the book along with the recording.
  • Location of musical notes on the dulcimer.
  • Study of modes: Ionian/Major, Aeolian/Minor, Mixolydian and Dorian.
  • Study of scale variations: pentatonic and hexatonic
  • Songs and tunes written in musical notation and tablature.
  • Accompanying CD with which students can play. ©2008, Book & CD, 32 pages.
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