School of Bluegrass Guitar - Bluegrass Classics

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Product Number: 21740M

Format: Softcover & Online Audio

ISBN: 978-15134-6418-3

This book helps guitarists who are currently stuck playing simple melodies develop fiddle-tune-like solos to bluegrass songs and tunes. Thirteen songs are presented in both a simple "Carter-style" melody-based arrangement followed by a more "fleshed out" fiddle-style arrangement. Using the licks and concepts presented here, guitarists can develop their own unique solos to popular songs. "Angeline the Baker" is presented in a special four-part arrangement that details how to take a simple quarter-note-type melody and develop it into a full eighth-note-based flatpicking solo. Includes access to online audio. ©2019, 32 pages


Long Journey Home 
Sweet Sunny South 
Red Rocking Chair 
Little Rosewood Casket
Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms 
Two Little Boys 
Little Bessie 
Little Birdie 
The Wreck of the Old 97
Hard Times 
Angeline the Baker 
Sourwood Mountain 
Jack of Diamonds 
Conclusion/About the Author