School of Banjo: Bluegrass Melodic Style

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This course covers the melodic style from the very basics of this picking style to the advanced techniques and provides many fun to play and well-known songs arranged in the three-finger melodic style for upper level beginning players through advanced level players. ""©2011, Book 2-CD Set, 92 minutes. Contents: Chapter 1: The 3 Left Hand Melodic "Shapes" Lesson 1: Shape #1 D7 Shape Song: Cripple Creek Lesson 2: Shape #2 Barre Shape Song: Blackberry Blossom Lesson 3: Shape #3 Partial D Shape Song: Fisher's Hornpipe Lesson 4: Choosing Shapes Song: Devil's Dream Lesson 5: Review of Basic Melodic "Shapes" Chapter 2: Melodic 4 Note Mini Scale Patterns Lesson 6: The Melody & "G" Major Scale Tones Song: Flop Eared Mule Lesson 7: "Scale Pattern" #1 Song: Fire on the Mountain Lesson 8: "Scale Patterns" #2 & #3 And How to Work Out A Melodic Arrangement Song: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Lesson 9: "Scale Patterns" #4 & #5 Song: Red Wing Lesson 10: Review of Melodic 4-Note Scale Patterns Chapter 3: Melodic Style Techniques Lesson 11: Adding An Introduction Song: Bill Cheatham Lesson 12: "Pick Up Notes" & Triplets Song: The Big Sandy River Lesson 13: Fretting the 5th String And Using the Circular Scale Song: Whiskey Before Breakfast Lesson 14: Melodic Licks By Chord Song: Dixie Hoedown Lesson 15: Review of Melodic Techniques Chapter 4: The "F" Chord Lesson 16: Adding The "F" Chord Song: The Cuckoo's Nest Lesson 17: "F" Shapes & Mixolydian Song: Dusty Miller Hornpipe Lesson 18: Using The Capo & Scale Pattern #1 for the F chord Song: Red Haired Boy Lesson 19: Adding Chromatic Notes Song: Old Joe Clark Lesson 20: The Old Timey Sound Melodic Style Song: Big Scioty Lesson 21: Review ""¢â‚¬â€œThe "F" Chord, and Modal & Chromatic Scales Chapter 5: Chord Shapes Up The Neck Lesson 22: The Major Chord Shapes Song: Sailor's Hornpipe Lesson 23: The Major Chord Locations Up The Neck Song: Twinkle Little Star (Fiddle Tune) Chapter 6: Bluegrass Songs & The Melodic Style Lesson 24: Contrasting Bluegrass & the Melodic Style Song: Sally Goodin' (2 arrangements) Lesson 25: Combining Bluegrass & the Melodic Style Song: Katy Hill Lesson 26: Adding Melodic Licks to a Bluegrass Arrangement Song: Black Mountain Rag Lesson 27: Playing A Bluegrass Song in the Melodic Style Creating Melodic Arrangements for Bluegrass Songs Song: Sunnyvale Breakdown Lesson 28: Review Bluegrass & the Melodic Style Chapter 7: Moving a Song from Key of G to a New Key Without the Capo Lesson 29: Playing in the Key of "A" Without the Capo & Without Retuning Song: Old Joe Clark Chapter 8: Endings Melodic Style Lesson 29: Endings Melodic Style Reference: Chord Charts CD Track List