Schirmer's Complete Rhyming Dictionary

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Three reasons why the new is a must-have for songwriters!:
  • 1. This is the most complete rhyming dictionary on the market. 96, 000 one-, two- and three-syllable rhymes, substantially more than you'll find in any of the major rhyming dictionaries currently out there.
  • 2. This is the only rhyming dictionary to bear the "Schirmer" name, known and respected by musicians the world over.
  • 3. The author - Paul Zollo - is a contributor to American Songwriter magazine, and well known for his many books on songwriting, including the classic interview book Songwriters on Songwriting. A lengthy (42 page) introduction covers rhyme schemes, inner/internal rhymes, true/false rhymes, the differences between lyric writing and poetry writing, and much more. The remainder of the book includes over 450 pages of one-syllable rhymes, over 300 pages of two-syllable (feminine) rhymes, and 60 pages of three-syllable rhymes. ©2007, 872 pages. HARDCOVER.
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