Scenic Art for the Theatre, Second Edition

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Product Overview

This new full color edition is significantly up-dated to new interviews with "old masters" and successful "divas" of the industry, up-dated safety tips, and additional insights into the business of scenic design. Expanded to include a new chapter dedicated to painting techniques, the book will now feature detailed step-by-step descriptions of common two-dimensional painting techniques. Wood graining, marble and stone, and brick painting are few examples of the new techniques to be covered. Contents
  • Training and Working as a Scenic Artist
  • The Relationship between the Scenic Artist and the Scenic Designer
  • The Scenic Artist and the Scenic Studio
  • The Scnic Artist's Working Space
  • The Painting Tools of Scenic Artistry
  • Color and Paint
  • Preparing for Painting and Texturing Scenery
  • Cartooning, Layout, and Lettering
  • Two-Dimensional Scenic Painting Techniques
  • Creating Aging, Decorative, and Faux Finishes Using Multiple Mediums
  • The Ancient Theatre to the Midieval Theatre: 500 B.C. - 1400 A.D.
  • The Renaissance Theatre and the Baroque Theatre: 1400 - 1800
  • The Romantic Theatre and the Modern Theatre: 1800 - The Present ©2004, 464 pages.