Rudiments of Music - Book 2 - Bass Clef

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Cora B. Ahrens

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Series: Boosey & Hawkes Scores/Books

Format: Softcover

Publisher Code: M051800407

The most essential points in the study of the basics of music are presented in this combined textbook/workbook series that is comprehensive, practical and progressive. Available in 9 volumes of exercises and review tests. 

Volume 1: Treble clef notes, letter names, lines and spaces. 

Volume 2: Bass clef notes, letter names, lines and spaces.

Volume 3: Ledger lines, treble and bass clefs, notes and spaces.

Volume 4: Tonic sol-fa syllables, treble and bass clefs, ledger lines, time values, tie and slur, accidentals.

Volume 5: Major key signatures, major scales, time signature, accents, triplets, syncopation.

Volume 6: Accents in compound time signatures, grouping of rests, intervals, diatonic and chromatic, inversions of intervals.

Volume 7: Musical terms, the dot, harmonic minor scale, minor key signatures, melodic minor scale. 

Volume 8: Alto and tenor clefs, chromatic scale, triads and inversions. 

Volume 9: Transposition, dominant seventh. 28 pages