Rockin' Your Stage Sound - A Musician's Guide to Live Audio

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Rockin' Your Stage Sound - A Musician's Guide to Professional Live Audio This book is designed to show musicians what they will be dealing with when playing live onstage, and how to get the Best Sound from their equipment. It provides tips and live-sound tutorials from both professional Live Sound Engineers and Musicians.
  • 1. Over 170 Stage Tips you need to know!
  • 2. Over 100 PRO TIPS from Top Players!
  • 3. Over 150 Illustrations and Photos! 4. Glossary of Audio terms you need! Fast-paced and easy to read with multiple illustrations and diagrams, Rockin' Your Stage Sound offers conventional and radical approaches to solving stage problems and gives musicians multiple strategies for achieving the best sound in any venue. ©2010, 256 pages.
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