Rockin' Mandolin

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The distinctive sound of the mandolin, once heard only at bluegrass festivals, is now found of some of today's biggest hits. Rockin' Mandolin, written by Bob Grant of the Austin-based band The Bad Livers, is a wonderfully-written guide to playing mandolin in the country, pop, rock and even funk styles. The book includes sections on choosing the right instrument (acoustic or electric?, ) pickups, amps and effects; playing the mandolin as a rhythm instrument, and soloing. Every musical example is written in standard notation and tablature and demonstrated on the CD. The "soloing" section of the book covers harmonics, scales, double stops, crosspicking, tremolo, the slide, blues licks, and much more! Written from the perspective of a performing mandolin player, Rockin' Mandolin is an incredibly informative book on a unique subject! ©2005, Book & CD, 48 pages.