Rock the Audition - 2nd Edition

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How to Prepare for and Get Cast in Rock Musicals

Format: Softcover

ISBN: 9781733403702

Rock musicals are an increasingly dominant force in contemporary musical theatre. Rock the Audition focuses in on this quickly growing area and defines what is required of a performer and their teacher to succeed in the audition room and on stage. With guts, love, and her finger on the pulse, rock musical audition coach Sheri Sanders shares all the essential tools for artists to interpret rock material with openness, sensitivity, creativity, and authenticity. It includes tips and interviews with industry insiders and innovators to explore the significance of inclusion, diversity, and self-acceptance with us in the theatre.

This book shows performers and teachers how to holistically embody the essence of the show for which they are auditioning or coaching and teaches them how to:

  • Create their own appropriate audition cuts and successfully communicate the feel of their cut versus the tempo.
  • Have a keen understanding of style and time period and relate that knowledge to how they perform or coach.
  • Use tools and tricks to nail all the vocal styles and understand how they changed with time.
  • Synthesize the body, voice, and emotion in their performance (which requires a very different approach than traditional musical theatre).


Learn how to perform or coach any style of pop/rock music. ©2019, 310 pages