Rock Harmonica - Power Licks, High-End Licks & Speed Licks!

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Rock Harmonica - Power Licks, High-End Licks & Speed Licks! This book is for harmonica players who have a basic grasp of the instrument and are looking to study the rock style in greater detail. You'll learn greater control of bends; speed licks; high-end licks; how to play bluesy notes and textures; how to play and construct hooks; how to deal with and play over the common chord progressions used in rock; and, music theory relative to playing rock harmonica. Concepts are presented through original tunes as well as staples of rock harmonica repertoire such as Magic Dick's "Whammer Jammer!". 68 pages, Book 2-CD Set. Contents:
Introduction - What is Rock Harmonica?
Harmonicas Needed
  • Chapter 1 - A Word about Notation and Embouchure
  • Chapter 2 - Bending
    What Notes Can Be Bent
    Bending Exercises
  • Chapter 3 - Scales for Improvising
    Major Pentatonic Scale
    Blues Scale
    Context & Homework
  • Chapter 4 - Speed and High-End Licks
    Mastering the High End of the Harmonica
    Speed Playing (Breath and Movement Patterns & Backtracking)
    Words of Caution & Homework
  • Chapter 5 - Power Licks
  • Chapter 6 - Decoding Music for Improvisation
    Scale Theory
    Chord Theory
    Chord Qualities
    7th & 9th Chords
    Arpeggios & Chord Scales
    The Making of a Chord Scale
    Chord Charts
  • Chapter 7 - Common Chord Progressions
  • Chapter 8 - Hooks, Heads & Sequences
    Hooks & Sequences
    Sequence Worksheet
    Sequence Licks
    "Room to Move" Head
  • Chapter 9 - "Whammer Jammer" Study Song
    Chorus by Chorus Study
    "Whammer Jammer" Full Transcription
  • Chapter 10 - "Butter Strut" Study Song
    Form Analysis
    "Butter Strut" Full Transcription
  • Chapter 11 - How to be a Great Rock Harmonica Player by Jason Ricci
  • Chapter 12 - Recommended Artists
  • Chapter 13 - Notation Key
  • Chapter 14 - About the Author
  • Chapter 15 - Thanks To
  • ISBN