Rock Guitar Essentials - Gig Savers Complete Edition

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Difficulty: Beginning
Rock Guitar Essentials: Gig Savers Complete Edition combines Corey Christiansen's five previous pocket-sized books.
Part 1 of this comprehensive edition gives aspiring rock guitarists a working knowledge of the most basic scales commonly used to improvise rock solos and write rock melodies. A discussion on how each scale can be used over a set of chords is provided to help guitarists use these scales when performing. Charts provide the names of the notes on the fretboard and a section on sequencing scales makes it possible for guitarists to easily master rock scales.
Part 2 teaches the rock guitarist how to play any barre chord, providing insight on how to play them with ease and agility. Moveable chord shapes and practice etudes are especially useful for beginners.
Part 3 presents comprehensive warm-up and technical exercises. Studies begin at the most basic level and progress in difficulty. This chapter gives guitarists the information needed to continue constructing their own technical exercises.
Part 4 presents accompaniment patterns for a wide variety of pop styles such as folk, rock/blues, country/bluegrass, jazz, and some Latin styles including bossa nova and samba. Basic fingerstyle accompaniment patterns are taught in a simple manner, presented with rhythmic notation and string numbers. This chapter pays special attention to the blues, covering alternate changes and substitutions in a method that provides easy transposition.
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