Riverdance: The Songbook

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The inspired compositions of Bill Whelan enrich the finest of traditional Irish music with elements of the sounds and rhythms of other nationalities, from Spain to Bulgaria. The Grammy-winning result is music as thrilling, intricate, and celebratory as the dancing itself. Captured in the pages of this songbook is the dynamic energy of "Riverdance". Contents include: Reel Around the Sun; The Heart's Cry/Countess Cathleen; Caoineadh Cuchulainn (Lament); Shivna; Firedance; Slip into Spring; The Harvest; Riverdance; American Wake; Lift The Wings; Heal Their Heart; Freedom; Trading Taps; Macedonian Morning; Martha's Dance/Russian Dervish; Oscail An Doras; Andalucia; Heartland. ©1998.