Rigging for Entertainment: Regulations and Practice

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Continuing where he left off with his highly successful "An Introduction to Rigging in the Entertainment Industry" (ETP01), Chris Higgs' new book covers the regulations and use of equipment in greater detail. The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) are discussed at length and chapter 2 provides a model Code of Practice for Rigging in Venues. Rigging Theory covers everything from Factors of Safety and Terminations of Ropes and Wire Ropes to Breasts and Brails and Hotel and Ballroom Rigging. Equipment is fully described, as is the rigging process itself. The final chapter covers Working at Height, from the regulations involved and use of access machines through to example training courses. For the future, the author makes note of Soft Landing Systems. Incorporated throughout the book is continued reference to as much guidance material as there is available from the likes of the HSE, British Standards and the ABTT's Code of Practice for 'Flying'. Contents:
Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998; Written Schedules of Inspection; Definitions used in the HSE LOLER Guidance Document 2. A MODEL CODE OF PRACTICE FOR RIGGING IN VENUES:
Definitions; Suspensions; Staffing Levels 3. RIGGING THEORY:
Factors of Safety; Terminations of Ropes and Wire Ropes; Secondary Suspensions; Fire Safety 4. MORE RIGGING THEORY:
Bridles; H Bridles; Breasts and Brails; Slinging Trusses; Trusses and Rigging Safety; T2; Swing Wing; Catwalk Truss; Hotel and Ballroom Rigging; Loads on Supports and Channel Systems 5. EQUIPMENT:
Parallel Adjusters; Pulleys; Masterlinks / O Rings; Eyebolts; Shackles; Hooks; Fibre Sling Developments; Ratchet Lashings; Gripples; Chain Bags; Boatchain and STAC Chain; Trusses - Slinging and Comprehensice Strength; Mother Grids; Access Machinery; Outdoor Systems and Rooftops; Tower Lifting; Video Screens and Outdoor Structures 6. THE RIGGING PROCESS 7. WORKING AT HEIGHT
The Work at Height Regulations; Personal Protective Equipment for Working at Height; Tallescopes; Access Machines; The Future - Soft Landing Systems and Restraint; Example of a Training Course for Mobile Towers and Ladders; Example of a Training Course for Ladders ©2003.