Rhythm Guitar Chord System

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Format: Softcover & Online Video
ISBN: 978-07866-9297-2
Commonly referred to as the "rhythm guitarist's bible," this innovative book is a system of guitar chord formation which maximizes power voicing while minimizing left-hand movement! Originally written by Mel Bay in 1947, as "The Mel Bay Orchestral Chord System for Guitar", this landmark publication was reissued in its original typesetting in 1973 to become the definitive text on jazz chords in private teaching studios and university jazz guitar departments around the globe. Mr. Bay's practical, analytical approach to the fingerboard produced this comprehensive system for learning full-sounding orchestral jazz guitar chords. Includes access to online video. 90:14 minutes. 48 pages
The Major Chords
The Minor Chords
Major to Relative Minor
The Dominant Seventh Chords
Exercise Using Forms I7 and V7
Exercise Using Forms III7 and VII7
Etudes 1-5
The Minor 7th Chords
Exercises - Seventh to Minor Seventh
Exercises - Minor Seventh to Seventh
The 7-5 Chord
Exercises Employing Forms I and V
Exercises Employing Forms III and VII Etudes 6 and 7
The 7+5 Chord
Exercises - Forms I and V
Exercises - Forms III and VII
Etudes 7-9
The Major 7th Chords
Exercises Employing Forms 2Ma7 and VMa7
Exercises Employing Forms IIIMa7 and VIIMa7
Etude 10
The Major 6th Chord
Exercise Employing Forms I6 and V6
Exercise Employing Forms III6 and VI6
Etude Eleven
Exercises - Major 7th to Major 6th
Another Effective Sixth Form
The Minor 6th Chord
Exercise - Major 6th to minor 6th
Exercise - Major 6th to Minor 6th
Etudes 12 and 13
The Diminished Chord
Etudes 14 and 15
The Augmented Chord
Augmented Stuff
The 9th Chord
Exercises - 7th to 9th
The Minor 9th
Exercises - Minor 9th to Minor 7th
The 9+5 Chord
Exercises - 9th to 9+5
The 9-5 Chord
Exercises - 9th to 9-5 and 7th to 7+5
The Major 9th Chord
Exercises - Major 9th to Major 6th
The -9 Chord
Exercises - 9th to Minus Ninth
The Augmented 9th Chord
The 11th Chord
Exercise - Eleventh to Ninth
The Augmented 11th Chord
The Thirteenth Chord
The 13-9 Chord
The 9/6 Chord
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