Resophonic Guitar From Scratch: Quick Lessons DVD

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Step-by-step instruction thru the basics of resophonic guitar. Topics include: picks, bars, warm-up, exercises, songs, tuning, posture, practicing techniques, how to fit in with a band and internet resources! There are many lessons included in this program. You will learn the essential techniques to modern resophonic guitar playing. Jim will guide you through the correct way to accomplish hammer-ons, pull-offs, rakes, slides, rolls, and vibrato. You" ll be learning three professional level arrangements of standard bluegrass songs (I" ll Be All Smiles Tonight, Cripple Creek and The Nine Pound Hammer), rather than over simplified "beginner arrangements". Also included are many standard resophonic guitar cliches. Jim will show you how to weave these together into an improvised song. Whether you are a beginner or you have been playing for a while, Jim will help you improve your technique and develop your own style. ©2009, DVD, 120 minutes.