Resonance: The Art of the Choral Music Educator

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Pedagogy, Methods, and Materials for Tomorrow's Outstanding Music Teachers

Publisher: Pavane Publishing

Series: Pavane Choral

Product Number: 00365359

Publisher Code: P5029


Format: Softcover & Online Media

ISBN: 9781950736010

Resonance: The Art of the Choral Music Educator by Dr. Christopher W. Peterson is a new collegiate methods textbook written specifically for today's emerging choral music teachers, guiding their growth as curious students while enriching their passion for changing lives through music. The textbook is written in a straight-forward and conversational style that compels the reader to think rather than to memorize and to problem solve rather than “find the correct answer.” Professors can use this book as a stand-alone text for choral methods, or as a supplement to an established syllabus and curriculum. Practicing educators may want to use these resources and refer back to this book throughout their professional career. ©2021, 420 pages