Rendezvous at the Zoo – 12 Piano Solos in Progressive Order

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Product Overview

Series: Jennifer Linn Series

Piano Level: Early Elementary

Product Number: 00514903

Format: Softcover

ISBN: 9781705166161

The Jennifer Linn Series features carefully leveled collections of either popular music arrangements or original compositions. The pieces or songs in each book are placed in a progressive order so students can learn new skills as they advance through the book. Written for piano students of all ages, there are five levels in the series: Early Bird (Pre-staff),Easy Elementary, Elementary+, Easy Intermediate, Intermediate+.

This edition features 12 delightful original works for young players who will love imagining the animals as they play! Titles include: Dance of the Jellyfish • Elephants on a Stroll • Feeding the Giraffes • Grizzly Bear Growl • Hippos' Muddy March • Meerly a Meerkat • and more. ©2022, 24 pages


  • Busy Beavers
  • Dance Of The Jellyfish
  • Elephants On A Stroll
  • Feeding The Giraffes
  • Grizzly Bear Growl
  • Hippos' Muddy March
  • Meerly A Meerkat
  • The Penguin Slide
  • Porcupine Waltz
  • Red-Eyed Tree Frog
  • Snow Leopards In The Shade
  • Walkabout With A Wallaby