Remarks: The Story of R.E.M.

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An updated version of the first full biography of R.E.M. Tony Fletcher follows their story from its humble origins in Athens, Georgia, to their current status as a leading world-wide act, all the while placing the allure of their appeal in the context of its time and place. Meticulously researched and drawing on dozens of interviews with friends, associates and the band members themselves, Remarks is not just the story of one group's rise through cult status, but the story of American rock in the 1980's. This new edition of Tony Fletcher's acclaimed R.E.M. biography brings the band's story right up to date, covering the departure of drummer Bill Berry, Michael Stipe's increasing role as a spokesman for humane causes, and the group's music right up to their "Reveal" album, regarded by many critics as their best ever. Fully illustrated and including a comprehensive discography. ©2002, 408 pages.