Relaxing Piano: 20 Relaxing Songs

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Format: Softcover

ISBN: 9781802175387

After a hellish day, between school or work, family commitments, people to see, pets to care for and others issues, we need to relax for a moment and think of our mental well-being. Even when the nervous breakdown is around the corner ready to take over our mind, we can dedicate a moment exclusively to us to relax and release negative thoughts.

It's important to find time for yourself, so that you don't live on commitments, pressures and deadlines alone.

You need to sit at your beloved piano and play songs that relax your mind, to disconnect from everything. I introduce you "Relaxing Piano".

Relaxing Piano is a collection of 20 original compositions for the purpose of relaxing!

You will have to study this book without haste. Thanks to it, you can finally take a break once and for all!

This book is suitable for those who have been studying piano for at least 2 years. ©2021, 56 pages