Reinventing Music Video

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Next-generation directors, their inspiration and work. This is a unique title; no current showcase of the best contemporary music videos exists, despite the area being a popular, flourishing hub of creative activity. If you want to succeed in this area, you need this book! Reinventing Music Videos provides a showcase of the best of the next generation of international music video directors, who are creating work for best-selling and cutting-edge music artists. The up and coming are contrasted with an "icons of the genre' section on big name music video directors such as Chris Cunningham and Spike Jonze to give the complete overview of this area. Stunning visuals dominate the book, along with questions and answers with the creators, and their sketches, treatments, and test visuals. This is an invaluable reference guide, a source of inspiration and process with an exploration of the underlying technologies and techniques alongside the showcase for everyone working in music videos and those wanting to get into this highly sought after genre of filmmaking. ©2006, 176 pages.