Red, White and The Blues Harmonica

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If you can breathe in and out, this easy to use book and 74 minute playalong CD will have you playing your first song in just minutes! Make the joy, relaxation, and creativity of music a part of your daily life -anywhere, and anytime! Book includes "The Marine Hymn, " "Old Smoky, " "Red River Valley, " "Danny Boy, " "The Army Song, " "Danny Boy, " and many others. David is the founder of the Red, White, and the Blues Harmonica project, created to send the joys and benefits of harmonica to those serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. ABOUT THE AUTHOR:David Harp is the author of two dozen books on the subjects of music and on psychology. He has taught close to one million people to play harmonica, and holds the undisputed world's record for "Most People Taught to Play Harmonica at One Time" (currently 2, 569, although he hopes to do a big one someday). ©2005. Book + 74 minute CD + matching harmonica + case