Recording Tips for Engineers For Cleaner, Brighter Tracks, 4th Edition

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Recording Tips for Engineers, Fourth Edition provides the knowledge needed to become a proficient audio engineer.

With years of experience working with big name rock stars, author Tim Crich shares his expertise and gives all the essential insider tips and shortcuts. A tool for engineers of all levels, this humorous, easy-to-read guide is packed with practical advice using real-life studio situations, bulleted lists, and clear illustrations. It will save valuable time and allow for fast, in-session reference.

The fourth edition has been updated to:

Lead discussions of modern file storage and processes for uploading, downloading, sharing, and transferring files and data.

Address digital audio workstations.

Provide expanded coverage on room treatment.


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Chapter 1: The Recording Engineer

Chapter 2: Sound Characteristics

Chapter 3: The Studio Setup

Chapter 4: Drums Setup

Chapter 5: Electric Guitars Setup

Chapter 6: Acoustic Instruments Setup

Chapter 7: Vocals Setup

Chapter 8: The Control Room Setup

Chapter 9: The Starting Points

Chapter 10: The Signal Routing

Chapter 11: The Recording

Chapter 12: The Mixing

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