Recording Tips for Engineers, 3rd Edition

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For cleaner, brighter tracks Get ahead in the business - be the engineer everyone wants to hire - achieve success with the very best recordings. Recording Tips for Engineers provides the knowledge you need to rise to the top. From years of experience working with big name rock stars including The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, KISS, Billy Joel, U2, David Bowie, Bon Jovi, Ozzy, Cher, Bryan Adams, Tuff Beans, Tim Crich shares his expertise and gives you all the essential insider tips and short cuts. Great for engineers of all levels, this guide is packed with simple and practical advice using real life studio situations. The bulleted lists and clear illustrations will save you valuable time and allow for fast in session reference. Includes:
  • Tips on proper microphone choice, setup and placement
  • Full sections on equalization and compression methods
  • Guidance on recording drums, guitars and vocals
  • Advice on creating professional mixes
  • Best ways to take control of your recording environment Contents:
    Chapter One - The Recording Engineer
    Chapter Two - Studio Preparation
    Chapter Three - Drums Setup
    Chapter Four - Electric Guitar Amplifier Placement; Connections In and Out; Loud Amplifiers; Preparation; Miking the Amplifiers
    Chapter Five - Acoustic Instruments
    Chapter Six - Vocals
    Chapter Seven - The Control Room
    Chapter Eight - Starting Points
    Chapter Nine - The Signal Routing
    Chapter Ten - The Recording Sessions (Three Hours, Three Days, Three Weeks)
    Chapter Eleven - The Mixing
    Chapter Twelve - Mastering
    Chapter Thirteen - DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations)
    Chapter Fourteen - Digital Conversion, Input Processing, Digital Storage, Digital Multitrack Recorder, CD/DVD; Audio Differences, Time Code
    Chapter Fourteen - Recording Engineer acronyms ©2010, 320 pages.
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