Recording Drums - The Complete Guide

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Recording Drums: The Complete Guide puts you on the fast track to great drum sounds. Recording engineer/producer/mixer Mike Major covers all the ins and outs, including establishing the drums' role in the song, preparing the drum kit (and the room) for recording, choosing microphones and getting sounds, and tracking, overdubbing, editing, and choosing the final take. Also included are: helpful illustrations and sample setups, and all of the files you need are on the companion website. Contents include: 1. Getting Started. 2. A Solid Foundation: The Drummer and the Drums. 3. The Acoustics of the Recording Space. 4. Preparing To Record. 5. Choosing Microphones. 6. Microphone Placement. 7. Stereo, Mono and Multi-Mic Techniques. 8. Microphone Selection Guide. 9. Understanding Consoles, Recorders and Levels. 10. Mic Preamps. 11. Tracking Mixes. 12. An EQ Overview. 13. Processing Drums. 14. Creating Cue Mixes. 15. Tracking and Editing. 16. Real World Example Mic Setups. ""©2013