Recording and Producing Audio for Media

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Product Overview

Written by highly respected author Stan Alten, RECORDING AND PRODUCING AUDIO FOR MEDIA introduces readers to the basic techniques and principles necessary for audio production in today's media. Comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date, the text covers informational, perceptual, and aesthetic aspects of sound as they apply to each stage of the production process, from planning to post-production. Aspiring musicians, sound engineers, and producers will also gain a fundamental understanding of the principles, technologies, and techniques of audio production and post-production for media, including radio, television, film, music recording, interactive media, the Internet, and mobile media.

  • Best-selling author Stanley Alten breaks essential topics--ranging from microphones to monitors, consoles and DAWs, synchronization, processors, voiceovers, dialog, field recordings, scoring, video games, mobile devices, post-production, and more--down to their fundamental elements.
  • Completely up to date and comprehensive in scope, the text offers step-by-step instruction on everything from the fundamentals of sound and acoustics to the intricacies of recording and producing various types of media.
  • Numerous helpful illustrations in each chapter enhance Alten''s user--friendly coverage of all the fundamentals of sound and recording/producing for media.
Table of Contents

1. Sound and Hearing.
2. Acoustics and Psychoacoustics.
3. Loudspeakers and Monitoring.
4. Microphones.
5. Consoles and Control Surfaces.
6. Recording.
7. Synchronization and Transfers.
8. Signal Processors.
9. Sound and the Speaking Voice.
10. Voice-overs and Narration.
11. Dialogue.
12. Studio Production: Radio and Television.
13. Field Production: News and Sports.
14. Sound Design.
15. Sound Effects.
16. Music Underscoring.
17. Audio for Interactive Media: Game Sound.
18. Internet Production.
19. Music Recording.
20. Editing.
21. Mixing: An Overview.
22. Music Mixdown.
23. Premixing and Rerecording for Television and Film.
24. Evaluating the Finished Product.