Reality Check - The Business and Art of Producing Reality TV

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Do you have a concept for a reality TV show, but aren't sure about the next steps? Loaded with practical, step-by-step advice on the art and business of reality TV producing, and featuring insights from Mark Burnett, Dick Clark, and other top producers, Reality Check takes you from idea to ... reality! At age 13, Michael Essany launched a lowly cable access TV talk show from his parents' basement in Valparaiso, Indiana. Fast forward to 2001, and Michael had turned his little talk show, The Michael Essany Show, into a multimillion-dollar project that quickly became one of the most talked about reality television shows. If Michael can do it, so can you. But be prepared for a lot of hard work and a few reality checks. This book includes compelling advice on how to:
  • Better understand the nature, complexities, and potential of the reality genre.
  • Physically produce original reality programming.
  • Get past the gatekeepers and deliver quality pitches to major networks and production companies.
  • Legally protect yourself, your work, and your intellectual property.
  • Learn from glories and the gaffes of those who toiled before you.
  • Utilize the internet and other multimedia outlets to create and generate revenue from reality programming.
  • Avoid the professional pitfalls of the reality TV industry.
  • Parlay reality television projects into a successful and enduring career. ©2008, 288 pages.
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