Reality Check - Priceless Advice for Musicians

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Aspiring musicians often enter the music business with unreal expectations, and are inevitably disappointed. Reality Check is the first book that gives a completely honest look at what success is in today's recording industry and the smart steps a musician can take to get there.Even the most creative people can manage time effectively and make the fullest use of their most important resource: their talents. Reality Check is for everyone who wants to chart a rewarding path through the often confusing jungle of the music industry. Josquin des Pres began his career in France in the mid-'70s when he obtained his first record deal with United Artists Records. He has since worked on hundreds of projects with some of the biggest names in the music industry. Des Pres has also authored 14 bestselling bass instruction books and two guitar instruction books. Mark Landsman is a musician, songwriter and entertainment attorney. He was formerly director of West Coast operations for a large New York City-based record label. Both authors live in southern California. ©2003, 200 pages.