Real-World Media Ethics - Inside the Broadcast and Entertainment

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The Los Angeles Times recently reported that the word "integrity" was the most looked up word on Merriam-Webster" s online dictionary, suggesting that people are looking for guidance in a scandal-driven world. Issues of ethics and the media continue to dominate our awareness and present real challenges in our day-to-day work. This book shows the ethical decision-making process in action using tools of critical analysis and evaluation. Real-World Media Ethics is written in a friendly and approachable voice. It succeeds in offering an honest, frontline-aware and realistic sense of the ethical situations faced by entertainment and journalism professionals every day , in the real world. Most of the other books about media ethics focus mostly on journalism; this book, however, covers not just journalistic ethics but also ethics in the landscape of mass media, including public relations, the entertainment industry, and other forms of visual communication. The author includes numerous case studies about current headlines that readers will already be familiar with, providing realistic and engaging scenarios about when, how, and why ethics count. Features:
  • Get the inside scoop on ethics from a former ABC executive
  • Ethical principles are discussed on a case-by-case basis, enabling students and media professionals to evaluate ethical situations on their own
  • Four industry practitioners share their experiences and responses to sticky ethical situations. Contributions by: Carol Ames, Jeffrey Brody, Brian Gross, and Martin P. Carlson
  • Companion website showcases interviews about the television and entertainment industries, demonstrating ethical principles in practice. ©2008, 352 pages.
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