Real Screenwriting: Strategies and Stories from the Trenches

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As news of screenwriters getting seven-figure deals leaks to the masses, it's no wonder hundreds of aspiring screenwriters come to Hollywood each day for a chance at easy money and glory. However, the reality is that writing and selling a screenplay is far easier said than done and requires that the author not only write a cohesive and complete script (and not just have an idea for a movie), but that he also have the knowledge of the filmmaking process and industry necessary to market and sell the screenplay. Real Screenwriting: Strategies and Stories from the Trenches provides the real deal on the art, craft, business and everyday life of a screenwriter. Written by a former entertainment lawyer turned successful Hollywood film producer and produced screenwriter, and gleaned from the author's popular screenwriting seminars at UCLA Extension school, this book provides aspiring writers with the inspiration and tools they need to get their stories on the page, and eventually onto the screen. Real Screenwriting also presents personal "in the trenches" anecdotes, invaluable insider tips and strategies, plus the helpful Hollywood survival skills every screenwriter needs to write a marketable screenplay, network himself, get an agent, protect his work, and develop a writing career. Features:
  • Delves into deeper screenwriting essentials, beyond "how-to" and into "what" s next", for a complete guide.
  • Author is a working screenwriter, script consultant, and instructor at UCLA.
  • A realistic guide to writing stories and screenplays that are marketable.
  • Covers the business side of screenwriting, including the "pitch." ©2005, 432 pages.
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