Radio Production, 6th Edition

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Product Overview

Radio Production is for professionals and students interested in understanding the radio industry in today’s ever-changing world. This book features up-to-date coverage of the purpose and use of radio with detailed coverage of current production techniques in the studio and on location.

In addition there is exploration of technological advances, including handheld digital recording devices, the use of digital, analogue and virtual mixing desks and current methods of music storage and playback. Within a global context, the sixth edition also explores American radio by providing an overview of the rules, regulations, and purpose of the Federal Communications Commission.

The sixth edition includes:

 Updated material on new digital recording methods, and the development of outside broadcast techniques, including Smartphone use.

 The use of social media as news sources, and an expansion of the station’s presence.

 Global government regulation and journalistic codes of practice.

Comprehensive advice on interviewing, phone-ins, news, radio drama, music, and scheduling

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