Quick Guide to MP3 and Digital Music

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Product Overview

MP3 files, the latest digital music format, have taken the music industry by storm. What are they? Where do you get them? How do you use them? Why have they thrown record companies into a panic? Will they make music easier to buy? And cheaper? Is this the future of music? All these questions and more are answered in this concise and practical book which explains everything you need to know about MP3s in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.It explains:
* How MP3 works
* How to play MP3s on your computer
* How to use MP3s with hand-held MP3 players
* Where to find MP3s on the Web
* How to create your own MP3s
* How to tune into Internet radio stations
* How to record your own CDs from MP3 files
* Other digital audio music formatsWhether you want to stay bang up to date with the latest music or create your own MP3s and join the online digital music revolution, this book will show you how. ©2000, 64 pages.