Pumping Nylon Supplemental Repertoire

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The pieces in this book are selected and designed around the various techniques addressed in "Pumping Nylon" (AP094). They are offered as an extension of the exercises presented in that book, and to provide attractive and easy pieces in which to apply the various techniques discussed. They come from many traditional sources as well as from some exciting contemporary composers. These pieces have helped Scott and his students over the years. If practiced correctly and with the proper intent, they will aid in developing your technical skills.Each piece is preceded by a "checklist" of specific issues upon which to focus, such as technical and/or musical challenges, left- and right-hand fingerings and practicing tips. Although everyone's playing levels and technical boundaries are different, these studies should be of great benefit if the checklist is taken to heart.The accompanying CD includes performances by Scott Tennant of all the pieces. Use it to help interpreting the rhythms correctly and capturing the style of each work. ©1998, 63 pages. Book & CD.