Propellerhead Reason Tips and Tricks

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Product Overview

Propellerhead Reason Tips and Tricks Covers Version 3
  • For Mac OSX and Windows
  • Uncover Reason's secrets
  • Master recording and editing of MIDI
  • Creative sound generation with the Combinator
  • Automate, sequence and mix down your tracks
  • Link Reason to other sequencers with ReWire Reason revolutionised the way we think about sequencing on computers, and is hugely popular with musicians and producers of all levels. Beginners and professionals alike use it as a creative tool, a musical sketchpad, or to make whole albums. Although easier to get started with than many other sequencers, Reason's friendly interface hides a wealth of features, shortcuts and tricks that can save you time and help you to produce better tracks. This book covers everything you need to know about using Reason in your everyday music-making. It will let you unlock the full creative potential of your software by giving you the inside track on how to make the best and most effective use of it. Ideal for beginners, intermediate and experienced users, the book covers topics from advice on computer audio setups and operating systems through to working methods, linking Reason with other programs and using your own sounds and custom racks. Other topics include expert tips on using all the instruments, tools and effects, recording and sequencing, detailed MIDI editing and parameter automation. It even tells you how to mix down and publish your tracks. Propellerhead Reason Tips and Tricks is an invaluable everyday companion to help you get the most out of Reason. ©2005, 166 pages.
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