Progressive Exercises for Flamenco Guitar

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Format: Softcover & Online Audio

Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced

ISBN: 978-15134-6482-4

Sardinian flamenco guitar virtuoso, Dario Piga, delivers 18 intermediate to advanced exercises in this progressively arranged book addressing: arpegio, pulgar, picado, rasgueo, alzapua, and trémolo techniques. Dario himself studied in Spain with several prominent guitarists and singers, so is fluent with the authentic rhythms and techniques essential to effective flamenco guitar soloing and song and dance accompaniment.

The pulgar (thumb) exercises in this volume will be of particular interest to flamenco aficionados as they explore various rhythms and chord inversions throughout the fretboard.

Following his studies in Spain, Dario added jazz harmony to his lexicon of musical resources and frequently participates in the Time in Jazz festival in Sardinia. His affinity for jazz is also reflected in the appealing modern harmonies that occur in these studies. Two stunning Piga flamenco guitar solos provide a magnificent ending to this collection, written in standard notation and tablature. Includes access to online audio. ©2020, 100 pages


Guide to Left & Right-Hand Fingering Symbols
The 18 Progressive Exercises
1. Arpegio abajo
2. Arpegio arriba
3. Arpegio medio
4. Arpegio doble
5. A. Emaj7 Arpeggio in Root Position
B. Emaj7 Inversions
6. A. E7 Arpeggio in Root Position
B. E7 Inversions
7. A. E Minor 7th Arpeggio in Root Position
B. E Minor 7th Inversions
8. A. E Half-Diminished Arpeggio in Root Position
B. E Half-Diminished Inversions
9. Picado Exercise
10. Rasgueo clásico
11. Rasgueo abanico
12. Rasgueo anular-índice
13. Rasgueo de cuatro dedos
14. A. Alzapua combinado
      B. Expanded Alzapua Exercise
15. Trémolo
16. Pulgar índice
16. Pulgar índice alternación
17. First Combination Exercise
18. Second Combination Exercise
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